Meet the Artists
Jenny Campbell did the cartoon drawing of the dog and cat (below, on the "Take Me Home" logo).  Here is
Jenny's bio:

After abandoning her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian because of all the math and science she’d
have to take, Jenny instead opted to follow in her father’s footsteps, graduating in 1979 with a degree in
journalism from Arizona State University.
 Jenny, who’d started as an art major, switched to journalism her
second year, and immediately got a job at The Arizona Republic in Phoenix as the newspaper’s first female
copy boy.  She worked full-time at the paper for the next four years, while also carrying a full load of
classes.  She also managed to play lots of late-night tennis.  She rarely slept.
 After college (and a four-
month camping trip around the US and Canada with two dogs and a friend), Jenny landed a job at the
Pasadena Star-News in Pasadena, CA.  There, she worked not only as a feature writer and Friday night
police reporter, but also as the paper’s first editorial art department – a department of one.
 After five
years at the Star-News, Jenny set her sights on a larger paper and in early ‘85, she took a job as a general
assignment entertainment writer for the Orange County Register, south of LA.  For the next five years,
Jenny covered entertainment, features, fashion, food, and, most extensively, travel.  Her
assignments for
the Travel editor took her all over the west and eventually, to London and parts of Europe.  
  Still, Jenny
loved cartooning.  And so, in a radical move, she quit her job in 1988 and moved to Philadelphia, where she
began a new life as a freelance cartoonist.  She made $3,000 her first year.
 Eventually, an agent picked her
up, and jobs starting coming with a little more regularity.  Over the years, her forte became children’s
illustration, and she has worked extensively for the educational arms of most major publishers and is a
monthly contributor to Highlights for Children and Weekly Reader.  In ’96, Jenny dropped her agent to
begin representing herself, and moved to Chagrin Falls, where she lives in the village with her cat.  When
not drawing until the wee hours most nights, Jenny plays lots of tennis and basketball and is an avid
bicyclist.  She still travels home to Phoenix several times a year to visit her mother and brother and to seek
out some sun.
 In 2000, her first two children’s storybooks were published – a locally produced book based
on the Steamship William G. Mather, and “Lazy Daisy”, published by Ideals Children’s Books.  
  “Lazy Daisy”
was included on the American Booksellers’ Association’s “Pick of the List” as one of the year’s best
children’s books, and was chosen by Barnes & Noble Booksellers as one of its national notable books of the
month in December, 2000.   Her third book, “Herbie’s Easter Bunny” came out in the spring of 2001,
followed in the fall by her fourth book, “At the Zoo,” published by Williamson Publishing of Vermont.  
next book, “Max’s Rules,” written by Sandy Philipson, is due out in October, 2004, and follows the exploits
of a trio of Springer Spaniels.        

In November of 2001, Jenny and two writing partners, were awarded a syndication contract for a new daily
cartoon strip, “Flo & Friends”.  The strip, which follows a group of senior citizens and friends, was launched
by Creators Syndicate in L.A. in March, 2002, and currently is being peddled to newspapers nationwide.  So
far, “Flo and Friends” appears in 26 newspapers from Hawaii to Connecticut.
Our newest artist is Debbie
 We are thrilled that
she agreed to share her
portrait of Mac, the yellow
lab, to be adapted for our
pet license plates.  To see
Debbie's gallery of beautiful
canine art, visit Stonebraker

The fine feline art of
and her painting of
Bright Eyes was the
inspiration for our cat plate.  
Visit her beautiful art at The
Painted Cat